USANT Graduate School will be an ideal institution of learning for the development of well-rounded professionals as advocates of academic excellence, corporate social responsibility, and cultural propagation.


To uphold its commitment in providing quality multi-disciplinary programs essential to the attainment of the country's goal for fast-paced development and global competitiveness.


  • Develop competent, productive, culturally-oriented, and ethical professionals, leaders, and citizens of the country.
  • Cultivate relevant, innovative, and technology-based models for instruction in the attainment of professional competence.
  • Ensure quality results through accreditation of all programs.
  • Broaden research base attuned to the needs of the country's agenda for development.
  • Expand sustainable community services on education, health, social and environmental concerns that result to greater impact on future generations.
  • Strengthen linkages with alumni, government agencies, non-government organizations, and other stakeholders for sharing of resources and skills.