Accounting Office


To provide quality service to all stakeholders, by meeting the financial and accounting needs of a diverse campus community through effective and efficient performance in a professional, courteous and customer oriented manner, assuring that all transactions adhere to University policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, and rules established by the authoritative governing bodies.


    The University of Saint Anthony’s accounting department has the following mission statement;

  • Establish and communicate policies and procedures necessary to ensure the proper and efficient use of University resources.
  • Receive and deposit funds due the University.
  • Maintain and process the University's payroll.
  • Ensure the prompt and proper settlement of amounts owed by the University.
  • Maintain the University's accounting and financial reporting systems.
  • Provide oversight and management to ensure the integrity of all University financial affairs.
  • Actively promote and monitor compliance with appropriate government agencies, financial and tax laws and regulations.

Goals and Objectives

  1. 1 Gather payments and collect receivables.
  2. 2 Pay bills and utilities on time and ensuring the company keeps a positive net worth value.
  3. 3 Provide accurate and timely payroll information and payments to employees. Employee earnings must be tax-deducted before being issued to the workers in question. In addition, the accounting department must have the goal of sending out these payments in a timely manner despite other projects or deadlines at hand.
  4. 4 Address Budget Changes. Offer changes and solutions that keep the University’s net worth balanced and ensures the budget has a positive profit figure each month despite the changes made.
  5. 5 Provide customer services and information whenever possible. Common department goals include answering inquiries on students’ assessment rel ative to tuition and other fees due to them, explaining to them the mode of payment to the best interests of the entire students.
  6. 6 Pay on time various University’s obligations due, with proper credit standing.

Organizational Chart

Chief Accountant
Mary Jean B. Gambot
Junior Accountant
Mary Rose B. Figueroa
Mary Ann A. Gaminde
Accounts Officer
Diana Jane B. Arce
Clerk-Grade School
Azelyn M. Papa
Clerk - Grade 7 & 8
Teresita T. Blanquera
Clerk - Grade 9-10 & NC
Ivy I. Corporal
Clerk - Senior High School
Veronica C. Catimbang
Clerk - College
Jinky P. Talagtag
Clerk - College
Elizabeth T. Nacario
Credit & Collection Officer
Kristine C. Peña
Norma A. Catangui
Hanilyn A. Apan
Christy T. Nuyda