Human Resource Development Office

Department Objectives

  1. 1The office does the following functioning facilities deliver HR programs, systems, services and consultation to all faculty, staff and administrators to help create an environment which promotes accountability, involvement, organization, alignment, diversity and high performance.
  2. 2Promotes competency-based and result-oriented performance both in the academic and support personnel in the recruitment, development and retention of diverse highly-skilled workforce aligned with the program needs.
  3. 3Maintains database of personnel records to keep track of personnel performance for purpose of job evaluation ranking and promotion.
  4. 4Provides intensive and diverse training for key Human Resources staff to significantly improve the capabilities and capacities for highly desirable and timely outcomes.
  5. 5Provides resources and training of personnel to provide excellent customer service in pursuit continuous quality improvement.
  6. 6Carries out University personnel policies and procedures, and other functional responsibilities related to the University’s personnel program.
  7. 7Administers and communicates effectively human resources policies and procedures that are fair and in compliance.
  8. 8Advocates for fair and competitive employee compensation, benefits, training, and work equipment.
  9. 9Provides a decent, respectful, secure, safe and caring work environment.

Organizational Chart

Ms. Meville A. Barrameda
HRD Officer
Mrs. Glenda A. Azur
Payroll Officer
Ms. Mary Ruth B. Umali
Payroll ClerK
Ms. Francia Naneth E. Oliva
Mr. Renato O. Nojara
Attendance Supervisor
Mrs. Jutta A. Elevado
Office Clerk
Mr. Henry Pedro C. Ortega
Mr. Vicente S. Navales, Jr.
Mr. Ernie Cedrik B. Balang