University Research Center Office

The University of Saint Anthony provides affordable quality education and promotes progressive leadership and relevant research to support local, regional, and national economic and social development. As a mandated area in the operation of HEIs, the research unit is an integral part in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the institution.

The URC was established to conduct functional researches and implement projects responsive to and supportive of the existing programs of the university and of the recipient communities.

To ensure professional conduct of research in the academic community, the URC’s goals, objectives, strategies and activities, services, organizational structure, and implementing mechanisms are clearly delineated.


The University Research Center (URC) is committed to conduct scientific and technological excellent researches that will spawn knowledge essential to the attainment of the country's goals for modernization and global competitiveness.


To fully emerge as a strong research office committed to conduct researches relevant to the needs of the University and the global community.


  • To contribute to the institution's academic leadership through the recommendation of measures for the formulation of policies and guidelines.
  • To serve as agent of change in the academic community through research and development.
  • To gain recognition as a responsible and response-able research unit with an outstanding track record in conducting relevant studies spearheaded by a well-equipped pool of researchers.


  1. 1To design and implement research policies and guidelines that promote a conducive research climate for committed researchers.
  2. 2To identify research priorities and allocate resources efficiently and effectively.
  3. 3To coordinate and direct all URC activities geared to support the university's agenda.
  4. 4To strengthen the research manpower of the university through scholarships and sponsorships or attendance to in-house trainings, seminars/workshops, symposia, fora, and other research-related activities.


  1. 1Orients students, teaching, and non-teaching staff the role research in the growth and development of the institution.
  2. 2Creates mechanism for monitoring and evaluating research output and URC activities
  3. 3Establishes linkages and consortia with government and non-government agencies, industries, business sectors, professional research organizations, publishing companies, and other higher educational institutions (HEIs) for project collaboration.
  4. 4Seeks local and foreign assistance for funding community-based researches designed for countryside development.
  5. 5Coordinates benchmarking and educational tours to more established URCs.


  1. 1Conducts In-house review on research writing process.
  2. 2Offers for consultancy sessions
  3. 3Facilitates in the publication of research output in local and national research journals.
  4. 4Shares professional expertise to research unit counterparts.
  5. 5Provides assistance in encoding, editing research and referrals for thesis/dissertation and institutional researches.
  6. 6Provides access to websites
  7. 7Facilities in looking for funding agencies for research projects.
  8. 8Research mentoring.