The vision of the Criminal Justice Education (Criminology) is to produce a quality graduates who are professionally competent, morally upright and law abiding citizens of the Philippines who can deliver an effective and efficient services in the field of Criminology, Criminal Justice System, Police Administration, Industrial Security and Safety Administration, Correctional and Jail management.


The mission of the Criminal Justice Education is to provide the community with quality graduates with broad, tolerant and intelligent perspective, able to enhance his standard of life and contribute to the welfare, total progress and upliftment of the nation through quality education in the field of law enforcement, science and technology.


  1. To prepare the students for the career in crime prevention, scientific police administration work, criminal justice administration, and correction and jail management.
  2. To provide students with a broad cultural background and an understanding of the constitutional guarantees and due requirements of law insofar as it affects the total administration of justice.
  3. To provide opportunity, instruction and guided experience by which the students learn the basic knowledge and acquire the skills essential to the practice of Criminology and its allied fields
  4. To inspire and instill in the students the value of service to humanity as the best work of life.
  5. To foster a higher concept of citizenry and leadership and on understanding of one’s moral and legal responsibilities to his fellowmen, his community and his country.