The college provides higher education with strong foundation in technological education. It is also committed to the total development of the total development of the individual person who is self-actualizing and competent in his chosen field of endeavor, morally upright, and is a responsible person capable of exercising leadership in his respective community.


To provide a community of skilled and competitive engineers, architects, and technologist fully absorbed in the global community and outstanding in their own right.


  1. To promote academic freedom and a congenial atmosphere that is conducive to an effective learning process and is receptive to new ideas and knowledge through scientific research.
  2. To stimulate student interest, awareness, and understanding of the duties and responsibilities and imbibe them with desirable motivations and correct values in accordance with the established professionals standards of ethics.
  3. To develop curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs with optimum utilization of existing resources, harnessing community involvement and goodwill in its implementation.