The University of Saint Anthony High School Department adheres to the truth that education is a right not a privilege. Hence, it aims to develop the youth to become responsible and useful citizens of the nation and to emerge as a bastion of secondary education and a vital cog in the total development of the youth.


To provide a program of education which embraces the mental, physical and spiritual aspects – thus producing a student of character, discipline and intellectual capability.


  • Empower the students with academic excellence and prepare their entry into the complex world of their chosen profession.
  • Develop the basic skills of communication and rational thought.
  • Encourage students in valuing the environment by constant research thru science and technology.
  • Instill analytical approach by which the truth is arrived at.
  • Create an environment where everyone is given the opportunity to develop himself thru extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Promote experiences that will prepare the learner to engage in honest and gainful work.
  • Inculcate desirable habits and attitudes according to the ideals of a democratic society.
  • Instill love of God, country and fellowmen.