The University of Saint Anthony Junior High School is one of the premier academic institutions in Bicol Region. Cognizant of both the human rights and privilege of each learner, the department adheres to the tenets of social good and quality education. 


To produce goal-oriented completers who are morally upright, equipped with intellectual capacity and grit.


1. Sustain a conducive environment that provides equal opportunity of students to develop their holistic personalities;

2. Provide realistic and enabling activities that prepare students gain meaningful experiences;

3. Maximize the use of technology in the delivery of information and instruction;

4. Infuse analytical and scientific methods in the process of searching for truth;

5. Strengthen students’ desirable habits and attitudes toward their understanding of the society and their role in nation building;

6. Develop students’ leadership skills as caretakers of the environment and humanity; and 

7. Inculcate values on love of God, promote gender equality, and respect moral values.