Produce graduates who are God-loving, disciplines, future ready, fully committed to their civic responsibilities and with high and moral and intellectual bearing.


Establish an educational landscape of holistic excellence and high aspirations through intensive empowerment of students’ potentials to equip them with indispensible knowledge and life- long skills geared towards higher education and future careers.


  1. Create equal and quality opportunities for educational and personal advancement of every student along with the values preservation and character modification to meet the demands of the 21 st century with the help of parents, community and other stakeholders.
  2. Aid the learners in discovering their occupational interests and develop the knowledge and technical know-hows necessary in their envisioned endeavors.
  3. Provide a well- structured educational environment with strict adherence to standards in cultivating global competence among students.
  4. Embed the sense of active participation and dedication to nation building.
  5. Supply variety of learning experiences to ensure optimal and well rounded growth of students.