The College of Teacher Education shall be a pivotal instrument of the country to produce the region’s human resource in field of education who are high achieving, globally-oriented, and of world class competence.


The College of teacher education strives to produce teachers who possess dignity and reputation with high moral values as well as technical and professional competence in exercising their noble profession. Likewise, they are expected to strictly adhere, observe and practice the ethical and moral principles, standards and values.


  1. To produce teachers with high level of literacy, communication skills and numeracy, as well as with critical and creative minds to promote higher learning.
  2. To Develop teachers richly equipped with knowledge in their major fields of specialization; trained and exposed to the latest innovations in science technology and research, and are willing and capable to continue learning in order to fulfill their mission as teachers;
  3. To develop teachers who are molders of positive attitudes and builders of strong moral character with universal ideals of faith, hope and love;
  4. To produce teachers with robust passion for their profession and with deep appreciation to the country’s rich cultural heritage, in order to actively participate in nation building.