Outstanding Alumni

Major Manuel Ner4i Fraginal

Philippine Navy (Marines-Ret.)
  • Currently Philippine Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Executive Assistant VI Office of the General mManager, Chief Nationwide Inter-Branch Security Monitoring.
  • One of the Most Dedicated Marine Corps Officers who rose from the rank.
  • Twice Awarded by the President of the Republic of the Philippines
  • Twice Adjudged as the Soldier of the Year Of the Marine Battalion Landing Team -5, 1984-1985
  • Adjudged Philippine Marine Corps Soldier in 1985
  • Adjudges Philippine Navy Soldier in 1986
  • Soldier of the Year, Armed Forces of the Philippines, 1987
  • Twice wounded and survived in the Battle Field Combat Commissioned in the Office Corps Philippine Mariners under Republic Act 718

Manuel “Manhwee” Q. Dacara

HS Batch ‘76
Trustee/Business Manager

It has been a great pride and source of joy to chair the Special Activities Committee of the University of Saint Anthony (USANT) High School Batch ’76 Association, Inc. Although there have lots of ups and downs that go with the chairmanship, still, I keep holding and face this challenges because I believed in what the organization stands for over the years-to serve the community even going beyond my limits.

My being with the association has been driven by my colleagues/batch mates who are supportive of me, but also by volunteers who have stayed with us night and day, just to help in all our activities every year.

These hardworking, persevering and persistent volunteers are silent workers who expected nothing in return. Some of them are not from Batch ’76 but from the other batches. Others are spouses, children and grandchildren of our batch mates; and yet are very appreciative and supportive of the activities of the association.

My sincere thanks to the commendation to these volunteers and I am glad that I am given the opportunity at this moment to send a short note for them.

In behalf of the association, I am soliciting more support and assistance from volunteers who would want to share their spare time to carry out the activities of the association. Thank you and God bless.

Maria Teresita (Maty) Dy Alpano

Class Valedictorian, USANT High School Batch ‘76
Nurse Practitioner/Instructional Design Consultant
Northeast Regional Educator
Optum A United Health Group Company


It is with immense pleasure, pride and honor to welcome, congratulate and celebrate with you all in the Grand Reunion of the University of Saint Anthony High School Batch ’76. It was forty three years ago when we were gathered together in our High school Graduation. It was a celebration attesting to our hard work as well as fun-fulfilled experiences shared with our friends, classmates and teachers.

Today’s event brings a lot of nostalgic moments and excitement to each of us. Reunion brings us closer together. We have the opportunity to reconnect and look back at our high school days, relive memories and laugh with one another. My fellow batch mates, I cannot say it enough … enjoy every moment of it. But most of all let us realize too that by coming together, there is a bigger purpose. That is what really6 matters. We come as one to forge plans and programs, big or small that will benefit our people and the society in general.

I would like to thank and acknowledge our officers, members and everyone for taking the initiative of organizing HS Batch ’76. I also want to thank all who have participated in the activities last year. I take pride and honor to be part of those. Keep up all the good work fellow batch mates. Let us encourage one another to get involved.

Mabuhay! Go Batch’76!