Community Extension Office

COMMUNITY EXTENSION SERVICES OFFICE is a vital component in creating a favorable true to life teaching – learning experience for the students and for the school to bring to the community its expertise and resources. It is an inherent function of higher learning with the purpose of initiating and sustaining the development of various communities making use of their experiences and available resources. (General Appropriation Act.)

CES projects are people oriented and should respond to particular issue affecting the people existing adoptive to change and directed towards social transformation, It is evaluated based on its responsiveness in addressing the needs of the community where it is being implemented.

The USANT Community Extension Service Office, with its main concern “SHAPING Communities through Extension”, is the community extension arm of the university, It shares the vision of the university in building a healthy, productive and progressive community.


A well-coordinated, responsive community development program that builds capacities and transform the lives of the adopted barangays and nearby communities.


Engage the university in unified undertakings in collaboration with the adopted communities alleviates the socio economic status and improve the quality life.

Strategic Goal:

Engagement of extension program and projects embodying livelihood, health and consumer education, attain self-reliance, leading to an empowered community.


  1. 1Create social awareness and concern in the students, faculty and the total school community through its social orientation and services.
  2. 2Provide adequate opportunities for exposure to the conditions and needs of the community especially those in the disadvantaged sectors.
  3. 3Initiate and maintain community development projects.
  4. 4Disseminate information responsive to the emerging needs of its clientele.


  1. Extension works with people and not for them.
  2. Extension is accountable to its clients.
  3. Extension is a two-way link between extension practitioner and the community client.
  4. Extension links the community with research and instruction,
  5. Extension cooperates with other community development organization.
  6. Extension aims for total human development thus its intervention is geared towards improving the knowledge, attitudes and skills of its clienteles.

Organizational Chart

Evelyn SJ. De Villa
CES Director
Ruby P. De La Torre
Dr. Erma P. Veras
Graduate Studies and Research
Mary Jean B. Gamrot
Non-Teaching Staff
Mylene M. Llanderal
Montessori Grade School
Marietie A. Ebron
Junior High School
Jessica G. Bardonado
Junior High School
Mary Swetzel G. Agapito
Junior High School
Princess C. Besada
Business Education
April C. Casasis
Leticia DV. Neri
Caryl Joy B. Silva
Liberal Arts
Marieta R. Batan
Liberal Arts
Marcelino B. Brioso
Maritime Education
Theddah D. Nacional
Business Education