Dr. Estrella T. Arroyo, Dean of USANT Liberal Arts Department, has shown once again how to live up to being called “Star” after being invited to be one of the speakers during the 1st International Conference on Law and Social Justice hosted by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) in Yogyakarta Indonesia, on August 4-5, 2021 via Zoom with the theme “Law and Social Justice: Recent Challenges and Opportunities Following COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Coming alongside other invited speakers from Netherland, Germany, Republic of Korea, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Dr. Arroyo delivered her lecture which highlighted the sub-topic: “the Forthcoming Access to Education: Learning from the Present Pandemic.”

In her speech, Dr. Arroyo stressed that the impact of the pandemic to Law and Justice, Human Rights, Public and Private Education, Public Health, Public Governance, Biodiversity Loss, Climate Change and Economic Growth and Development among others, is incalculable both in the national and global welfare index of man.

“But the bottom-line is that all these underlying issues impinges on education and provides us opportunities to re-adjust, re-fashion, re-orient, re-prioritize, and re-engineer the educational system to be responsive to calamities like the pandemic that is still wreaking havoc to nations and communities around the world,” Dr. Arroyo said.

In her almost 18 minutes talk, Dr. Arroyo expounded four main points namely: Consciousness, Role of Civilization in Education, Role of Ecosystems in the Management of COVID-19, and Cosmology of Coronavirus. “What, then, is the future of education that must be refashioned from the lessons of the pandemic?” Dr. Arroyo asked capping off her discussion.

The said international conference aimed to establish a credible academic forum from academicians, scholars, researchers, practitioners from all over the world to share their thoughts, experiences, and research result from concerning recent challenges and opportunities for the law and social justice.