The Senior High School Department will be offering a new scholarship program named Arnulfo b. Fajardo Scholarship, starting SY 2021-2022. This scholarship ,just like the ones currently offered by the SHS department, aims to aid the education of the well-deserving Senior High School students and ensure that they will finish their Senior High School free of financial worries.

This scholarship is sponsored by the heirs of the late Mr. Arnulfo B. Fajardo, who was then a high achieving student and a proud alumni of USANT Batch ’72. Mr. Fajardo’s lived his final years helping others especially his local folks, thus inspiring his children to continue his legacy through instituting this grant.

Below are the specific details of the said scholarship:


  • The Arnulfo B. Fajardo Scholarship Examination is open to incoming Grade 11 students who have an average of 90 from Grade 10.
  • To qualify as Arnulfo B. Fajardo scholars, students must obtain a 90-percentile rank and above during the online examination and virtual interview.
  • Scholars will enjoy free tuition fee and other fees.
  • Student must enroll first before taking the Arnulfo B. Fajardo online examination.
  • To maintain the scholarship, students must have an average of 92.00 and above (with no rounding off) and must have no grade below 87 in any subject in the final grading.
  • The scholars must finish the Grade 12, if not, they will pay all the tuition fees they enjoyed.
  • The selection process shall be a combination of online examination and a virtual interview. A 60 items multiple choice test (coverage: English, Math, & Science)
  • Requirements must be submitted at the SHS Principal’s Office prior the date of test.
    Requirements are the following:
    1. Grade 10 report card
    2. Photocopy of birth certificate
    3. Examination fee of Php 87.00
  • The online examination will be held on Friday, July 9, 2021 from 8:45 to 10:00 AM.

For more details, please visit the SHS Principal’s Office at the 2nd Floor, Gloria Daisy V. Fajardo Hall or contact # 299-24-01, local 154/ 0999-869-5018.