Student Affairs Office


The USANT Office of Student Affairs envisions to be an effective center for student development and services responsive of the students total life situations.


The USANT Office of Student Affairs in coordination with other student affairs related units is committed to respond to the multi-faceted interests and concerns of our students by providing fast and aggressive delivery of services and relevant programs for the total personality development of the students.


  • To enforce and implement all policies, rules and regulations of the University and the Commissions on Higher Education (CHED).
  • To assist the students to maximize their potentials by helping them understand themselves and their environment and to enhance their psychological growth towards socialized maturity.


  1. Provide effective programs and services relevant to student needs.
  2. Provide avenues to hone students' talents and interest to ensure social and cultural growth and develop skills and potentials of students.
  3. Provide programs and services to students to foster and maintain a safe, healthy and wholesome community for learning and living.
  4. Provide efficient and effective student support services.
  5. Implement a standardized feedback mechanism that measures satisfaction of our stakeholders.
  6. Prepare a Student Manual containing among others, policies, rules and regulations affecting student formation, development, conduct, behavior, discipline, and the formation and guidance of student organizations.
  7. Promote access to quality, relevant, efficient, and effective student affairs and services.
  8. Encourage alumni participation through strengthened linkages for the continuous growth of the institution.


SY 2015-2016

High School Department

  1. Batch of Young Technology Explorers
  2. Bookworm's Club
  3. Boy Scouts of the Philippines
  4. Campus Youth Ministry
  5. CFC Youth for Christ USANT Chapter
  6. Coalition of Gamers
  7. Communicator's Club
  8. Economics and Socio-Political Students Organization
  9. Girl Scouts of the Philippines
  10. High School Dancers Guild
  11. High School Glee Club
  12. High School Oration and Debate Society
  13. Home Technologist Club
  14. Ilaw at Panitik
  15. Interact Club
  16. Ishot Photography
  17. Junior Eagle's Club
  18. Junior Sinabukid Scout Mountaineers
  19. Mathematics Circle
  20. Peer Counselors' Organization
  21. Philippine Society of Youth Science Club
  22. Rhythmic Kinesthetic Club
  23. Sketch Club
  24. Student Government Federation
  25. Values Savers' Club
  26. Youth for Environment in Schools Organization

College Department

  1. Alpha Phi Omega
  2. Anchopropellian League Organization
  3. Anthonians Christian Fellowship
  4. Association of Bicol Business Students
  5. Business Education Council
  6. Chronicler's Club
  7. Circle of Young Mentors
  8. College Debate Society
  9. College Red Cross Youth Council
  10. Council for Scientific Ingenuity
  11. Council of Student Leaders
  12. English Club
  13. Entrepreneurship Club
  14. Future Homemakers Club
  15. Guhit Pinas – USANT
  16. Guild of Interactive Liberal Arts Students
  17. Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines and USANT Midwifery Students Association
  18. Joshua Generation – USANT Chapter
  19. Junior Criminologist Association of the Philippines
  20. Junior Financial Executives
  21. Junior People Management Association of the Philippines
  22. Junior Philippines Institute of Accountants
  23. Kapisanan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Filipino
  24. Maroon Quill
  25. Mentors Rhetorical Guild
  26. Phi Alpha Epsilon/Lambda Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Sorority Phils. Inc. – USANT Chapter
  27. Philippine Association of Students in Office Administration
  28. Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers
  29. Philippine Junior Jaycess, Incorporated – USANT Chapter
  30. Philippine Nurses Student Association
  31. Philippines Council of Economics Students
  32. Physical Education Club
  33. Political Science Society
  34. Psychology Society of USANT
  35. Pythagorean Club
  36. Rotaract Club of USANT
  37. Students' Society of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  38. Tau Gamma Phi/Sigma
  39. United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary
  40. USANT Anthoniawits Chorale
  41. USANT Computer Students
  42. USANT Criminology Internship Command
  43. USANT Criminology Safety and Tactical Organization
  44. USANT Junior Marketing Association
  45. USANT Photography Club
  46. USANT Rondalla
  47. Young Communicators Society